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Updated August 3, 2017

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Recertification is required early to keep you up to date and remind you of the important job you performing for your communities.
This year to make it easier on the Lion's purse if you are actively screening anytime in the prior 6 months and the report forms and consent forms have been returned, you will not be charged for the re-certification class.  We are keeping a list that will be available.  So make sure your team leader puts your name on it and your club.
We have also after much good input, re-designed the consent forms and cards so they match and are in better order. These can be found on the website dafmd35.org in Resources and Forms. Please down load the new forms to use.  Please do not use any that do not ask for county or have 8 questions.  We need the data for the Grant and future grants.

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