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Updated February 9, 2018

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Diabetes Awareness


Upcoming Training Classes

Diabetes Screeners Training will be on the following dates and locations:

February 10, 2018, Port St. Lucie

February 15, 2018, Jacksonville

February 26, 2018 5 PM Jaybird's Restrauant, St Augustine

March 3, 2018 UCF

New Screener training 9:30am til 2pm. Cost is $30. Includes lunch.
At our last Board of Directors meeting we decided to make some changes for diabetes screening training costs. For the new screener training if you go to the Resources and Forms tab on this website and download both the current training manual and procedure manual and bring it with you to the class (No Sharing), the class will only cost you $15. If you require the manuals it is $30. Screener Recertification 9:30am till 2pm. $15 ( FREE if held a screening event in last six months and your screening forms along with your report were turned in after screening event). Screeners need to be recertified every year.

If you are planning on hosting a diabetes awareness training class contact Lion Norma with the location and number of lions who will be attending. Keep in mind that there must be a minimum number of 8 lions per training class. Try to organize these in locations that will maximize the Lions ability to get to the class. I need a count of new and recerts by Tuesday prior to training. lionnormacallahan@yahoo.com

Alachua Screening Class

Newberry Lions Liz Jett, Helen McIntosh, Jack Varon, and Alachua Lions Bob Clark, GeorgAnn Grant at Diabetes Screener Training Class

Diabetes Awareness Trainer Class Report

Diabetes Awareness Trainer- Coordinator Expense Report

Diabetes Foundation Solicitation Letter




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