Diabetes Awareness Foundation of MD 35

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Diabetes Awareness


The Lions Clubs of Florida and the Bahamas welcome you!

Stop Diabetes

Mission Statement: To raise public awareness of the problems associated with diabetes. To work with Lions Clubs in MD 35 to screen for diabetes to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment to prevent blindness. To obtain grants and donations in order to further these purposes.

The Lions Diabetes Foundation of MD35 provides supplies and training to our Lions Clubs as certified blood glucose screeners which serve our communities with FREE diabetic screenings for the public to help in the prevention of the leading cause of blindness in adults by identifying and referring potential diabetics.We also provide educational material for the screenings.

We support three Florida Diabetes Kids Camps for youngsters from around our Multiple District.

Our project was begun as a Core-4 grant pilot program from Lions Clubs International Foundation and in our first three years, we trained over 1,000 Lions as screenters and tested over 50,000 people for diabetes - the number tne cause of blindness worldwide. Thousands have been referred for medical evaluation or treatment. Our program has helped prevent blindness, as well as heart disease and a myriad of other complications that can result from diabetes.

Since the end of the grant, the program has actually been expanded and held screenings throughout Florida and the Bahamas. As of July 2014 we have screened over 98,000 and trained over 2,000 Lions. We currently have approximately 565 certified Lion screeners. Our diabetes program has been so successful that Lions Clubs International has now expanded it to other Muliple Districts worldwide.

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